SEBA launches a strategic partnership with the Õpet Foundation

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School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration launches a strategic partnership with the Õpet Foundation with the aim of facilitating learning experience among Kyrgyz high-school students and assisting in preparation for the national exams.

As a blockchain-based learning platform powered by AI technology and machine learning, Õpet is designed to help secondary school students with their national exam revision through personalized digital tutoring services. The learning platform is engineered specifically with the GCSE O and A level academic curriculum in mind and will work hand-in-hand with in-school learning resources to help students achieve more effective revision for the national exams.

Through the concept “Revise, Record and Recommend”, Õpet’s learning platform offers a myriad of features, including:

  • — Sophisticated conversations delivered through Õpet’s AI-powered digital chatbot.
  • — Accurate and secure records of all student information relevant and useful to college admission processes on the Õpet Hyperledger blockchain.
  • — Profiled preferences, interests, ECA records, academic progressions, testimonies and personalities through the University of Cambridge’s Unique Profiling Tool.
  • — Personalized recommendations of education materials on YouTube, Netflix and Spotify through Õpet’s AI-powered recommendation engine.
  • — Powerful and adaptive recommendation algorithms that will suggest appropriate education and job opportunities to students on the Õpet platform.


SEBA collaborates with Õpet on curriculum customization and implementation of the technology among local teaching institutions to make high school students’ experience of preparing for the National Scholarship Test (Общереспубликанское Тестирование) more productive and result-driven.

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