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Student project: Educational video about Metaverses

We are excited to showcase some of the works that our Business Students do. This is a final presentation project of Blockchain for Business class’ student – Temirlan Utegulov, BA-120, where he created an educational video about Metaverses. Temirlan has...

Student Spotlight: Aizana Arslanbekova

Aizana Arslanbekova, a senior student at Business Administration. During my studies at AUCA, I challenged myself in different spheres to discover my strengths; however, it was not enough to see my potential. I wanted to know how I would behave in completely unfamiliar...

Senior Farewell Awards 2023

On June 2, 2023 Student Life Office at AUCA organized a Senior Farewell to celebrate achievement of 2023 graduates throughout their time in AUCA! We are proud to announce that graduate and undergraduate business students received a total of 13 awards. Congratulations...

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