Our Projects are individual and group research papers, external research and consultancy projects. Business School extensively engages students, faculty and staff into projects with locally based international organizations, domestic NGOs and governmental agencies.

Case Center is established to bring case method resources for business education and set up university-industry research and development collaborations between companies, students and faculty.  The case process starts with researching and writing cases, then teaching with cases and learning with cases. Research and writing cases requires a researcher and a company or manager who co-operates; teaching requires a professor and a student; and learning requires a student.

Our interdisciplinary research focuses on state and society relations at large. We focus on understanding the breaking and making of states, the creation of norms and organizing of power in spaces where different stories and histories merge – including, but not limited to, Central Asia. If the state represents the historical institutionalization of social conflicts and power, we now live in an ideal time to witness and understand what conflicts, whose power and through which practices states are forged.

Organizational Research Institute (ORI) is an interdisciplinary research institute within the School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration at the American University of Central Asia. The institute focuses on the scientific research of management and human resource practices in Central Asia; dissemination of evidence-based HR and OD know-how to organizations and agencies based in Central Asia; facilitation of collaborations and exchanges between HR, OD professionals and academics in Central Asia and beyond.

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