Case Center

Case Center at Business School is aimed at developing a collection of case studies in and about companies in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Professors and consultants work together to write cases, published in international journals and to disseminate cases across universities in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.
Cases Studies


“Theorizing ‘Variegated Bonding as SME Diversification Strategy’ to Extend Business from  Traditional to Emergent Sectors”

Anvar kyzy S.. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, Volume 11, Issue 3

Abstract | Publication


“Matkasym. Entrepreneurial journey from bazar to a factory”

Talasbek kyzy B., Asan uulu T., Ryskulov U. South Asian Journal of Business and Management Cases, Volume 12Issue 2August 2023

Abstract | Publication


“Churn rate: AUCA case study”

Kibekbaev A.


“Diversification, expansion, penetration or all? Decision dilemma at ololo, Kyrgyzstan”

Abdraeva B., Asan uulu T., Talasbek kyzy B.


“Milky Way of “Shoro”: Shall the beverage company enter the milk market?”

Anvar kyzy S., Asan uulu T.




Teaching with Cases

The heart of AUCA and SEBA is a commitment to students and excellent teaching. The Case Center provides coaching to professors and assists professors in accessing internationally screened cases suitable for each professor’s course.

Writing Cases

The Case Center intends to publish a small number of cases and teaching notes. The goal is to create a collection of cases in and about Central Asia. Experienced professors, either with or without a research assistant, write most cases. However, doctoral students, consultants and in-house corporate consultants may also write cases.

Learning with Cases

Cases and the case method are opportunities to acquire simulated real-life experience in the safety of a classroom. The required or recommended readings provide theory. The Case Method develops skills such as rapid absorption of complex information, analytical & technical skills, decision making skills, theoretical conceptualization, time management skills, interpersonal skills, creative skills and communication skills.

Case Competing

Case competitions are a fun way for students to develop analytical and presentation skills in a highly competitive, stressful and international environment. SEBA’s Case Center is planning major announcements concerning international case competitions.

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