Text-mining techniques by Dr. Gulnara Dzhunushalieva

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On November 30, 2023 Dr. Kardyrbek Sultakeev of Business School organized a Text-mining techniques training for graduate students and researchers.

The training session was conducted by Dr. Gulnara Dzhunushalieva, who is a Post-Doc Fellow at SDG Nexus Network and a Senior Researcher at the University of Central Asia. The aim of the training was to teach master students and researchers about text-mining techniques for the theoretical framework of research papers.

Dr. Gulnara Dzhunushalieva explained the steps and procedures of bibliometric analysis, including the PRISMA flow diagram, while also teaching the students about the features of WOS and Scopus databases. The students were given access to online software such as VOSviewer, Voyant tool, and the SDG Mapping tool to design network visualizations. Dr. Gulnara Dzhunushalieva shared her experience and presented her recent report titled “The Role of Innovation in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.” The students were able to master visualizations such as network, density and overlay visualizations using examples.

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