How to Apply

Program at glance

Our 2-year MBA Program covers areas of study such as Management, Finance, Operation, Human Resource Management, and Strategy. MBA candidates come from various educational and professional backgrounds, including Banking and Audit, IT, Tourism, NGOs and others. 

During the 2nd year of the program students have an opportunity to go on an exchange program to our partner universities (Terms and Conditions apply based on each university).


  1. Four-year Bachelor degree diploma*
  2. Experience of minimum 3 years is preferred
  3. Strong command of English both written and spoken  (TOEFL – 90 iBT, IELTS 7.0 or equivalent) **
  4. Math test***
  5. Successful admissions interview


*Candidates with diplomas obtained outside the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia or Tajikistan need to provide a letter of equivalency issued by the Ministry of Science and Education of KR (Professional Education Department).

** Candidates may provide the following as a proof of language proficiency:

  1. AUCA Admissions Test- 480
  2. TOEFL- 480/54 (Send score report to 0419 code)
  3. IELTS-  5.0 (Send score report to 8306 code for Bachelor degree and 8305 for Master degree)
  4. Duolingo- 90
  5. A letter from university confirming English as a language of instruction for degree program.

***Candidates with Bachelor diplomas in Business, Finance, Economics, IT and Engineering are exempt from the Math test.


Application deadline

Registration starts:                           February 1, 2024

Admission deadline:                        July 31, 2024

Candidates are encouraged to complete the application process as soon as possible to qualify for grants and discounts (subject to availability).



For admissions please upload the requested documents to the following link:

  1. Application form
  2. Diploma of Bachelor’s Degree (including transcripts)
  3. CV in English
  4. Passport
  5. Motivational letter
  6. Passport size photo


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