Bachelor of Business Administration

Within 240 credit hours required for Undergraduate Degree, students complete a total of 96 credit hours in Business Administration Major. Additional degree requirements are fulfilled by 67 credit hours of General Education (including 400 hours of Sports) and 53 elective credit hours (these may be chosen from elective Business Courses, other departmental courses or courses counting towards a minor). In addition to successfully completing Kyrgyz History State exam, students must also complete final 60 credit hours of work at AUCA, have a GPA greater than 2.0 for all AUCA coursework and successfully complete and defend a Senior Thesis.



Concentration Tracks
  • Finance and Accounting
  • PR and Marketing (*joint program with Journalism and Mass Communications)
  • HRM and OB (*joint program with Psychology)
  • Management, Leadership and Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics (*joint program with Applied Mathematics)



Enhance your marketability and your resume by earning a minor in Business Administration. Students completing a BA minor will gain a solid foundation in 4 primary business disciplines: management, marketing, finance and financial accounting. The Management course will introduce you to the functions of management, leadership, strategy, planning, and organizational behavior. Marketing involves creating profitable and lasting customer relationships. Introduction to Marketing will familiarize you with marketing tools and solutions, marketing management, and an understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls of marketing. Every successful businessperson needs an essential understanding of the financial aspects of their business. Introduction to Finance and Financial Accounting will give you the tools to measure, manage and plan for the financial performance and success of a business.

Students may apply for a minor in Business Administration after completion of the first year of study, and no later than completion of the third year of study. Application forms are available in the BA office, and completed applications must be delivered to the Registrar. Students must obtain the approval of the Chair of their major program, and the Chair of the Business Administration Department.

General Requirements for Minor
  • — Earn 48 credits in required and elective courses
  • — Earn a grade of “C-” or higher in each required course
  • — Earn a cumulative AUCA GPA of 3.0
Required Courses for Minor


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  • — MATHEMATICS complete one of the following courses: (6 credits)
    • — MAT 132 Math for Business and Economics I
    • — MAT 103 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
    • — MAT 128 Contemporary Math I (with a grade of “B” or higher)


  • — ECO 112.1 Introduction to Microeconomic Theory (6 credits)
  • — FIN 280 Financial Accounting I (6 credits)
  • — FIN 285 Financial Accounting II (6 credits)
  • — MNG 302.1 Introduction to Management (6 credits)
  • — MNG 303 Organizational Behavior (6 credits)
  • — FIN 305 Introduction to Finance (6 credits)
  • — MRK 302.1 Introduction to Marketing (6 credits)


Total: 48 credits.




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