Student Spotlight: Aizana Arslanbekova

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Aizana Arslanbekova, a senior student at Business Administration. During my studies at AUCA, I challenged myself in different spheres to discover my strengths; however, it was not enough to see my potential. I wanted to know how I would behave in completely unfamiliar places and situations. Thus, the exchange was a great opportunity not only to learn about new surroundings but also about myself.
I chose IESEG School of Management in France since it provides many excellent courses for future entrepreneurs/businesspeople. I liked their program and professors who have real experience in international business. Moreover, my passion for learning more about French culture and fashion gave me the real “yes” to this program.
For entrepreneurs, it’s important to have an understanding of management, law, marketing, finance, and sales to be able to control the quality of their company. I found my classes at IESEG brilliant since we not only learned the theory but also practiced it. We improved our skills as salespeople, our vision in business law, HR management, and increasing savings.
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