Kamila Kolpashnikova : “I enjoy teaching at AUCA”

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AUCA would like to provide students and university community with information about our professors. Professors are a critical resource within the University community, possessing a range of skills and knowledge which can contribute significantly to the quality of the institution in a variety of ways. Professors in AUCA provide leadership in their research discipline within a national and international context. Professors introduce research students and colleagues to useful networks inside and outside the University. Kamila Kolpashnikova is one of those professors.

“Originally, I am from Russia. I work as an Assistant Professor in SEBA. My responsibilities are mostly teaching and research. I did my PhD in Sociology at the University of British Columbia in Canada. My PhD dissertation was on the gender gap in housework. I have presented a part of my research in Seoul last year at the International Association for Time Use Research Conference. I am also interested in East Asian and North American societies. I try to make my classes hands-on. I enjoy teaching at AUCA because students here are very motivated. Students at AUCA are very motivated and have a lot of potential if given proper academic training. Every student is unique. I hope that students achieve their goals and continue their studies in grad schools abroad. All the best in your academic careers”.

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