Indira Uzbekova: “I miss our professors, who believed in us”

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Indira Uzbekova is an alumna of the Business Administration Department, class of 2005. Indira told us about herself, her current job, and her student life at AUCA.


Please tell us a little about yourself, your job, and IQ lab.

At the moment, I am the finance director at the international organization “Search for common ground,” an organization focused on peace building. Our organization works worldwide, with offices in 56 countries. The company headquarters are in Brussels and the USA.

On my own time, I teach investment analysis and finance management in the MBA Department at AUCA. I’m also working on other social projects, as well as being the chair of a condominium. I help our young people promote municipal initiatives, and I try to help people secure investments and write business plans for their companies. Besides all that, I am a graduate of the 2013 SELA Kyrgyzstan program. Before the summer of 2015, I was the Country Director of the program and implemented projects that invited people like Michael Coolie and Brian Tracy to speak on leadership and motivation respectively. Also, I am one of founders of IQ lab, an organization that promotes intellectual entertainment, education and workshops around successful experiences straight from the horse’s mouth. Our last event, held in November 2015, was “The Theory of Success” by Ksenia Sobchak. It was the most effective event of the year.


What stands out to you from your time at AUCA?

I remember sleepless nights, difficult exams and staying in the library all night long. I am very happy I studied at AUCA. I’m obliged to my professors and to the University for teaching me the values they instilled in us: critical thinking, transparency, openness, freedom and faith in our own power.

The highlights of my time at AUCA would be entering and commencement, no matter how funny it is. I was very happy when I was enrolled and was nervous when I first met my fellow students. It was like meeting my new family! I remember the commencement ceremony as the end of an exhausting period of exams and sleepless nights of senior thesis writing! I wasn’t very active in social life and was more absorbed in studying.


What you miss about life at AUCA?

I miss being a student, the earnestness and ease of making decisions. I miss our professors, who believed in us and gave us confidence for tomorrow. I miss extracurricular activities at the University–filled with spectacular events and concerts. And I miss the joy of being part of that special atmosphere, those special people, and such a unique university! I would be delighted to go back to that time and experience those same feelings of being a student at AUCA.


What plans do you have in the short-term?

I have a number of plans for my career and my business projects in education. I have started a lot of social entrepreneurship projects. I believe it is very important to teach society not just by taking but also by giving back a little. We should move from egocentrism to altruism. I hope, step-by-step we will be able to make the move!


What role do you think AUCA alumni play in supporting the university?

They play a very important role! The alumni are the product and face of a University! Successful alumni mean a successful university. Successful alumni make a university a trend-setter in education. I often take on new employees from AUCA and their high quality pedigree always makes me confident in their abilities! I think our alumni must actively participate in AUCA’s life. For my part, I give back through teaching several classes on finance management and investment analysis with the MBA department at AUCA. Despite my tight schedule, I always try to find time for one module so that I can share my knowledge with students.


What do you think of the new campus?

I’m delighted and inspired by the new campus. The architect’s ideas were spot-on: The building gives sense of freedom, transparency, and openness. It makes creative, hardworking and successful. I sincerely envy current students and their opportunities!


What do you want to wish/what advices you want to give for current AUCA students?

Love what you do, and do what you love! You will be rewarded with success, fame and wellbeing!

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