Egemberdi kyzy Takhmina: “I met my love at the AUCA”

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Egemberdi kyzy Takhmina, one of the best recent graduates of the Business Administration department at AUCA and a member of the President’s list, took some time to share her brightest moments at AUCA and to give some advice to current undergraduates.

“Before starting at AUCA, I always thought everything would be different once I started university. And I was right! Starting from Orientation, my life has changed by become more and more interesting. AUCA has given me good foundation of knowledge and an environment where I can express myself. I had the opportunity to explore and develop myself by learning what I am good at and becoming more self-confident. In addition, AUCA has surrounded me with bright, active, and smart people.

At AUCA I met very good professors who encouraged my critical thinking. Most of my professors helped me develop myself with their interesting classes and their incredible support over the past 4 years. I remember FYS classes where we were trying to explain Darwin’s theory with graphs from economics and equations from math. It was an interactive and creative way of teaching that helped us understand the topics at hand more deeply.

I also met my closest friends and my love at the AUCA. I got a lot of support and learned useful life tips from all of them. I am thankful for them because they made my university life more interesting and I became even happier than I was before.

My major is business administration, but it’s a strange story how I got into this department. To be honest, I did not know who I wanted to be before college. I remember the day I came home and asked my parents, “So what should I choose?” and gave them a list of the departments. In 15 minutes, we chose the business administration program because it was the most popular one among the other departments and its name sounded cool. I did not have any clue what I was going to learn there. However, later I liked my major and made a lot of effort to get more insights into business.

In the end, I am really happy that I studied at AUCA. As a graduate of the class of 2016, for current undergraduates I would suggest trying all new things by taking advantage of all the opportunities they have. For AUCA, I wish for its growth in the field of education. I believe that AUCA will give more and more students the same unforgettable experience that it gave me.”

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