Social Enterprise & Frugal Innovation

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How can business logic be used to generate value for the environment and neglected members of society? Philanthropy and business are often seen as being at odds with one another, but social entrepreneurs combine these principles to create both profit and social value.

Properly motivated, virtually anyone can be a social entrepreneur. Even for those who do not directly establish a social enterprise in the future, this course offers a perspective on the value business and innovation can create for segments of society often overlooked. This course incorporates theoretical and applied aspects of social enterprise and BoP (frugal) innovation.

This course blends the latest theory with direct application. Local and foreign entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs will share their experiences with their startups and social enterprises. These social entrepreneurs will provide insights and mentorship for planning, funding, launching and growing a social venture. They will further discuss the meaning of social value and how the success of a venture can be assessed using pecuniary and non-pecuniary metrics.

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