Senior Thesis Seminar II

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The main objective of this “Senior Thesis Seminar” course is to provide guidance and support to students in preparing, editing researching, writing, and designing their Senior Thesis, and, in particular, Defense of their Senior Thesis. Senior Thesis to be submitted to Business Administration Department at the AUCA as a Qualification Paper. The students must present and defend the final outcomes of conducted scientific researches to High Attestation Commission. In addition it will serve as a forum for students to present and discuss their research findings.

Your principal assignment is to undertake a research project and to produce and present a senior thesis. It is expected that the papers will be well written and organized, supported by appropriate data and evidence, and reveal a command of tools and concepts that you have acquired in the course of your major. Several related assignments will help you develop your thesis and write your paper. This process involves original research, normally with extensive use of primary materials. The course requires you to undertake a directed research project, produce a thesis paper, and orally present the research. Since you will be spending numerous hours reading, thinking, and writing about this topic, it is suggested choosing a topic that you care about – one that appeals to your heart as well as your mind. Prerequisite is Senior Thesis Seminar I.

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