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MRK 350
MRK 302.1

This course is designed to provide an overview of E-Commerce models, applications, decisions and issues. Typical topics include E-Commerce Business and revenue models, E-Commerce strategies and social media marketing concepts, specific applications such as B2B, E-Learning and E-Government, as well as, technology, security and payments, legal and social issues. The course will be focused on Cost Benefits and Marketing Issues and practical benefit which will be achieved through elaboration of new e-commerce projects by working groups of students. The practical part of the classes will provide the students skills of setting up electronic business which is valuable today, taking into consideration the fact, that e-commerce in Kyrgyzstan today needs to be developed.

Nowadays, Internet technologies enable to gain economic benefits even though for the land-locked, non-oil and small size market developing countries such as Kyrgyz Republic and e-commerce is a new mainstream (new business model) in Central Asian region which facilitates the export of goods and services throughout the world market. It is notable that today the impact of web technologies in doing business is great. Taking into consideration the rising role of social commerce and electronic markets, application of e-commerce might make Kyrgyzstan competitive in the international market via the Internet. The course is based on knowledge acquired during studying Introduction to Marketing course.


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