Business and Professional Communication

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This course is about communication in modern organisations (private and public sectors) and the application of communication and negotiation theory to current business practices. It provides an in-depth analysis of communication problems and negotiation practices as they occur in modern businesses.

Topics will include an overall description of Business Communication, technology of conducting various types of Business communications: written (letters, e-mails, etc.) and oral (meetings, negotiations), planning techniques, and the consideration of various types of behavior, skills and methods required for successful both communication and negotiation.

Undoubtedly “iceberg” subjects of Communication and Negotiation cannot be mastered within one semester. However, time and effort you devote to this subject during the semester will assist you in the future.

There are three primary clusters:

  • learning the theory;
  • practicing and improving your skills by simulating Business meetings, Business negotiations, role play, participating in class discussions;
  • practicing and improving your writing skills.
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