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Our Projects are community outreach oriented, aimed to improve societal conditions of the Kyrgyz Republic. SEBA extensively engages students, faculty and staff into projects with locally based international organizations, domestic NGOs and governmental agencies. Explore more about Our Projects.




AUCA & IFC projects aims to strengthen the financial capacity of microfinance clients in the Kyrgyz Republic. Therefore,  IFC has engaged AUCA and OSCE Institute students to carry out financial counseling campaigns.

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Faculty jointly pursues many initiatives that benefit the community outside AUCA. Our faculty have served on panels for UNHCR and provide regular business advice to refugees and disadvantaged members of the community. We further work with both faculty and students to create initiatives to fund and create social enterprises (including a university-wide competition within AUCA) and outside the university. Through SEBA Consulting, we provide large-scale services to World Bank IFC and others that are both financially lucrative and serve the needs of companies and international organizations.

SEBA often works in close collaboration with the UNHCR.  Previously, for example, AUCA Faculty worked with UNHCR on a refugee support program, in which AUCA Faculty critically reviewed the business plans brought by these individuals.   Additionally, SEBA Faculty has often served on panels for UNHCR Conferences and events, wherein advice and expertise is offered.


BoP Global Network

SEBA is also committed to open BoP Innovation Lab and Impact Hub that can share the same space. BoP Innovation Lab will be run directly by AUCA as an internal institute and a member of the BoP Global Network. Impact Hub is an autonomous community space open to all entrepreneurs in Bishkek seeking a shared workspace. Provide funding mechanism to help launch student startups.


Social Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking

Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking Major

The program aims to train creative leaders capable of solving myriad old and emerging social problems.

We have interesting courses and great visiting faculty specialized in Social Entrepreneurship.


Social Enterprise and Frugal Innovation

Contemporary Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship: Planning a Startup in Central Asia


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