AUCA students won Coca-Cola Bishkek Case Cup 2018!!!

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On March 18, AUCA Case Club and Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers together with AUCA Student Senate have held the finals of Bishkek Case CUP 2018.

Before the final Case Championship, at the semi-final, there were 24 teams participating from Bishkek universities including AUCA. Only 7 teams passed to the finals Championship.

Following the results of the championship, the “Proactive 4” (AUCA) team became the winner and the owner of a 3-day tour in the head office of the Coca-Cola Icecek in Istanbul: Aigerim Karybekova, Kairat Talantbekov, Aidana Madanbekova and Zhibek Isakova.

AUCA students are sharing their experiences!

Aidana Madanbekova:

Spring of 2018 will be remembered for a long time in my life. As the champions of the Case Cup Bishkek 2018 among 7 teams of Bishkek universities which were held on March 18th, my team “ProActive 4” was honored to visit the headquarters of the Coca-Cola İçecek in Istanbul, Turkey. To say that we were happy is not enough. Meeting with Lisani Cenk Atasayan (Director of Central Asian Region), Ebru Ozgen (CCI HR Manager), and Cem Kandemir (General Manager of the Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers) who are the top management of the Coca-Cola İçecek was a highlight of our trip since they were amazingly open to our questions and thoughtful discussions. We will bear in our minds their invaluable advice about education, work, and opportunities. We are sure that it will be useful for us to succeed in our career path.

We want to thank AUCA Case Club and AUCA Senate which do an excellent work in creating exciting opportunities for AUCA students (Sevara Tadzhibaeva, Sezim Zhenishbek kyzy, Meerim Zhan, and Atai Amanatov). The Case Cup was organized in a very thoughtful and professional manner. Other huge thanks go to Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers, Coca-Cola İçecek for supporting youngsters to grow and to spread ideas for development. Thanks to my teammates for the collaborative work and support to achieve good results!

In the coming future, we are highly motivated to make our ideas real together with the company and to participate in more business cases to widen our vision and to broaden our knowledge.

Aigerim Karybekova:

Did we expect that we will visit Turkey? Of course, not! During the championship, judges didn’t share what the prizes were, thus nobody knew what was there for the first place. When judges said that our team won the championship and we will fly to İstanbul, to the HQ of Coca-Cola, we couldn’t believe that it was real.

Thank you a lot AUCA Case Club and AUCA Senate: Sevara, Atai, Meerim, Sezim for organizing this competition and Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers for giving us an opportunity to visit your HQ!

What is the success for you? It was one of the topics that we discussed during our visit to Coca-Cola İçecek in İstanbul. As soon as we entered the building, Human Resources Manager, Ebru Ozgen, Director of Central Asian Region, Lisani Cenk Atasayan, and General Manager of Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers, Cem Kandemir came to us and welcomed with a warm and kind attitude. We didn’t expect that those people will view us as respected guests, because we are just students and not so successful yet. However, I was surprised how they were passionate, kind, optimistic and attentive toward us. While we were in the office tour, I saw amazing work atmosphere, where all people are so passionate, open-minded, creative, optimistic, valuing integrity, team-working.   This tour changed my perception of Coca-Cola.

Thank you a lot, Lisani Cenk Atasayan, Ebru Ozgen, and Cem Kandemir for making our time valuable, sharing your experience, motivating us, and, of course, for your time that you could devote to us!


Kairat Talantbekov:

In a short time, I fell in love with Coca-Cola and from now on I will only use Coca-Cola products!

I encourage all students to participate more in business cases, this is an excellent opportunity to improve their presentation skills, improve their analytical thinking, work in a team, and have fun!

If you are looking for a place to grow, learn new things, work on interesting projects, enjoy what you do, and make money, then think about Coca-Cola!

Zhibek Isakova:

The opportunity that the Coca-Cola İçecek provided us, has become one of the best gifts that life has given me. These three days have made a huge contribution to the formation of my personality, goals, and ambitions. The conversation with the main managers gave me answers to those questions that torment many ambitious young people.

The trip itself walks through the incredibly beautiful Istanbul, living together with members of my team made us friendlier and closer. Now when solving other cases, it will be much easier for us to understand each other and this, I hope, will make our work even more fruitful. I am grateful to everyone who has somehow taken part in this. A huge thanks to CCI and Case Club AUCA, without their involvement and organization, there would not be all this what we have right now. And I also want to express my great gratitude to my team, because we are stronger when we are together.


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