AUCA Partners with Õpet Foundation to Launch AI-Powered Education in Central Asia

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School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration of the American University of Central Asia is pleased to announce a strategic research partnership with Õpet Foundation to launch its innovative artificial intelligence-powered (AI) education companion on the student population.

This mutually beneficial collaboration opens new horizons for both parties in the education system. As a pioneer of an AI and blockchain-powered study companion bot, Õpet hopes to propel AUCA’s innovative learning curriculum with its round-the-clock AI study companion and personalized learning plans effected through AI-enabled interaction with its student user.

Based on the technology of the future — blockchain, Õpet’s bot will support AUCA’s existing curriculum with personality-based insights on each student’s learning methods. This valuable profile information can then be used to sort them into the learning system best catered to their learning styles — a breakthrough advancement in the education system.

Õpet aims to utilize the user data gathered to improve its AI-blockchain technology for the global market.

“AUCA’s proactive and pioneering approach to research and its potential adoption of our work-in-progress blockchain solution for varsity admissions could become the gold standard in the future,” said Mr Wilson Wang, the CEO of Õpet Foundation.

The partnership will offer:

– Research opportunities for Õpet to pilot-test its technological effectiveness on a student user population while AUCA reap the productive benefits of innovative AI-enabled learning.

– A global platform for Õpet to spread awareness of co-creation opportunities for researchers in the R&D of innovative digital-education technology.

– Opportunities to tap into the global philanthropist initiative surrounding education and connect influential philanthropists associated with AUCA to support Õpet for global impact.

– Global interest in Õpet’s potential success and feasibility for global adoption. By garnering the awareness of super-bodies involved in advancing education in emerging countries (eg. the United Nations), Õpet hopes to acquire funding for the implementation of its technology in these countries.

Both parties are optimistic in view of the potential their collaboration presents for the global education system.

About Õpet Foundation

Based in Singapore, Õpet Foundation is the developer of an AI companion chatbot capable of self-learning high-school curriculum. Harnessing the potential of AI and blockchain technology, Õpet offers students an interactive study companion that is available anywhere, anytime — helping them to achieve their full potential.

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