SEBA Alumni Advisory Council (AAC)

SEBA Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) is a new initiative designed to gather successful SEBA Alumni who succeeded in various fields such as Government, leading Central Asian companies and International Organizations. Alumni Council is aimed at providing feedback and advises on the job market skills required by employers, so that SEBA may successfully align its curriculum and develop leaders.

Purpose of SEBA Alumni Advisory Council

The purpose of the Alumni Advisory Council is to help the American University of Central Asia, School of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (SEBA) maintain effective and meaningful two-way feedback with SEBA alumni in a manner consistent with SEBA’s broader mission.


  • Provide the Dean and SEBA with an outside perspective on issues affecting local and regional industry that may have education or research implications or opportunities
  • Provide assistance and advice as required on School strategy, specific aspects of the strategy execution, and any operational issues where the Dean feels he or she could benefit from an outside perspective
  • Provide feedback on SEBA’s curriculum, teaching methods, and strategic plan
  • Help identify high-profile quest speakers or part-time faculty for SEBA courses & major events
  • Other creative means of contributing to the School’s success are encouraged


The SEBA AAC should have 12-15 members. Meeting will be held by a Chair, who is appointed by the Dean. AAC meetings will be held twice per year, with dates set at the start of each year to precede the AUCA Board of Trustees meetings (October and June).


SEBA Alumni Advisory Council has diversified and committed membership, including representatives of all different programs at SEBA and include both recent and older alumni. These alumni are from a variety of industries and professions relevant for AUCA students and reflective of SEBA’s mission. Membership is by invitation. SEBA Alumni comprise this particular advisory board, and new nominees are selected and appointed by the Dean and Chair. The term of membership is for two years or until the member voluntary resigns. Memberships may be also renewed.


Meetings will be held twice per year. An agenda will be sent to AAC representatives in advance of each meeting along with an invitation to the social lunch and other activities. Any required materials, agendas, timetables will be provided in advance of all meetings.

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